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ebxml-bp message

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Subject: agenda metamodel mtg today

metamodel meeting today at 11 AM eastern time

Call in: 888-699-0348 access code 3042#. 

(sorry if this is a duplicate mail, lists seems to be not responding) 


1. Transaction parameters (issues 131, 132, 119, 12)

   Expected resolution: Retain UMM transaction constraint, 
   Proposal: move timeToAcknowledgeAcceptance and isNonRepudiationOfReceipt to
requesting activity?

2. Synchronous (issue 40, 58)

   Expected resolution: Drop attribute isSynchronous and all associated text?

3. Concurrent (issue 111): 

   Proposal: Drop attribute isConcurrent and all associated text?

4. Security Parameters (issue 57)

   Expected Resolution: Split isSecureTransportRequired into three attributes?
   Proposal: Change boolean to Persistent/Transient/NO?

5. Legal (issue 134, 29-31, 42) Jamie's recommendations

   Expected Resolution: Retain word isLegallyBinding, tighten text?
   Expected Resolution: Change word isSuccess to positiveResponse (?)

6. Xpath/ID (issue 76)

   Expected Resolution: Adopt Kurt's proposal 5?

7. Document Envelope (issue 120, #3)

   Proposal: Rename DocumentFlow to DocumentEnvelope (UMM make
DocumentEnvelope a 
   stereotype of ObjectFlow)?
   Proposal: Change UMM to have notion of primary doc and attachments.?

8: New renaming issues (from BPE work):

   Proposal: Rename Requires->Precondition ResultsIn->PostCondition?

9. Completion vs. Termination 

   Proposal: Leave as is. Otherwise a failure completion sounds like success.

Other discussion:

Reconfirm that we will include a W3C schema version

Any action items around issue 135 multiparty 

Any action items around issue 136 use of alternative DocumentSpecifications
(OAG, Rosetta, etc)?

Reactions to section 5 and 6.

Subcommittee: Document any remaining UMM/BPSS alignment issues

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