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Subject: BPSS issue 42 proposed resolution

1.  Insert the following after line 1151:

"Repudiation generally refers to the ability of a trading partner to argue
at a later time, based on the persistent artifacts of a transaction, that
it did not agree to the transaction.  That argument might be based on
assertions that a replying document was not sent, or was not sent by the
proper party, or was incorrectly interpreted (under the applicable standard
or the trading partners' business rules) as forming agreement."

2.   Insert the following after line 1153:

"Each protocol provides the user with some degree of additional evidentiary
assurance by creating or requesting additional artifacts that would assist
in a later dispute over repudiation issues.   Neither is a dispositive
absolute assurance.   As in the paper world, trading partners are always
free to invent colorful new arguments than an apparently-enforceable
statement should be ignored.  These parameters simply offer some
opportunities to make that more difficult."  

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