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Subject: TA chapter review and request for vote

To BP list:

Here is my rewording of section 8.2. of the TA document. It contains a list of
corrections needed, and a rationale for each. Following that is the actual
corrected document with amended figures. If you have the right version of
Word, you may view the change log, if not and if you would like a copy showing
the change log, please contact me.

This is being sent out to BP list for an informal vote on whether we should
request the TA team to submit these changes to the Executive committee. This
must be done this Friday at the latest. Therefore our 'vote' will be 
following the 'white ballot' rule, i.e. unless you vote NO, or vote to amend,
and do so by end of Thursday, it is assumed that you vote YES. Please vote on
the chapter attached here, as well as the one just sent out by Brian Hayes.


PS: Brian, I cannot send to analysis list, will you forward please?
>you did a great job.
>If the BP team in general supports this rewording of TA chapter 6, I think
>have a great improvement of the overall TA document. I have two
>1. It should say "ebXML recommends that the business process and business
>information artifacts ....." (not requires) Alternatively we should expand
>wording to say that a subset of the UMM metamodel is currently part of the
>ebXML specifications (through the Specification Schema, and that as
>finalizes and evolves UMM we expect that additional parts of the UMM
>will become part of the ebXML specifications, and therefore then will
>conformance of additional artifacts.
>2. Rather than deleting section 6.3. move its content to right between the
>current titles 7 and 7.1 and change title of section 7 to read "ebXML
>architecture overview".
>I will be sending out my rewording of chapter 8.2. shortly.
>>Here are is my suggested rewording for Section 6 of the ebXML Technical
>>Architecture specification.  I hope I have adequately captured our
>>discussions on this matter.  Let me know if you feel I have not or can
>>provided better wording.
>> <<TA-Section-6-Revision-WIP-0.1.doc>> 
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