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Subject: Re: decisions made with Jim today

KR: To implement "Change word isSuccess to isPositiveResponse":

1.  My run through the word doc version of BPSS v1.00A indicates a global
change of the name is still needed.  I pick up "isSuccess" approximately at
lines  648, 697, 703, 758, 776, 2213, 2218, 2463, 2872, 2877, 2879, 2885,
2889, 2896, 2904, 3000, 3004, 3006, 3012.  

2.  Additionally, the following text approximately at lines 1764 and 2477:

"isSuccess	--  An expression whose evaluation results in TRUE or FALSE as
the determination of whether this DocumentFlow should be considered the
successful initiation or conclusion of a BusinessTransaction."

 needs re-writing, both to note the XPath functionality Kurt described, and
to include the following:  

"isPositiveResponse ...  --  The value for the parameter supplied for a
Document[Envelope/Flow] is an assertion by the sender of the
Document[Envelope/Flow] regarding its intent for the transaction to which
it relates, but does not bind the recipient, or override the computation of
transactional success or failure using the transaction's guard expressions."  

3.   The parameter should be indicated as optional not required.

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