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Subject: Metamodel mtg and BPSS doc approval today

in today's meeting at 11 am eastern,
888-699-0348 call in 3042#.
we will recap yesterday's final modeling decisions.

We will also go over any feedback on version 1.0A sent out this past Monday,
and decide what additional document changes need to be added.
Editing team is still hard at work updating the UML model diagrams
and DTD's etc. with the last tweaks. I will send out final UML class diagram
this morning. Kurt is in Paris, and as soon as he has his final DTD/Schema
package he will send that out to the list, too.

We will have bundled it altogether in a final draft document by tonight, 
and will send it out to BP list as 1.0B, so we can address anything urgent
raised in your review, and will submit for public review as 1.0 tomorrow at 4
pm eastern.

In today's meeting we will also review the cross document consistency of
proposed TA changes with BPSS.

If you have any issues outstanding, this morning's meeting is the time
to speak up. We will also 

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