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Subject: Re: TA-Section-6-Revision-WIP-0.1.doc

Karsten Riemer wrote:

> Brian,
> you did a great job.
> If the BP team in general supports this rewording of TA chapter 6, I think we
> have a great improvement of the overall TA document. I have two reservations:
> 1. It should say "ebXML recommends that the business process and business
> information artifacts ....." (not requires) Alternatively we should expand the
> wording to say that a subset of the UMM metamodel is currently part of the
> ebXML specifications (through the Specification Schema, and that as UN/CEFACT
> finalizes and evolves UMM we expect that additional parts of the UMM metamodel
> will become part of the ebXML specifications, and therefore then will require
> conformance of additional artifacts.

NO - ABSOLUTELY NOT- This MUST be the minimal level of compliance and this level
of compliance will not be enough.

Jim Clark

> 2. Rather than deleting section 6.3. move its content to right between the
> current titles 7 and 7.1 and change title of section 7 to read "ebXML
> architecture overview".
> I will be sending out my rewording of chapter 8.2. shortly.
> thanks,
> -karsten
> >Here are is my suggested rewording for Section 6 of the ebXML Technical
> >Architecture specification.  I hope I have adequately captured our
> >discussions on this matter.  Let me know if you feel I have not or can
> >provided better wording.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >Brian
> > <<TA-Section-6-Revision-WIP-0.1.doc>>
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