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Subject: Repeat of minimal BPSS compliance level issue

I want to restate this issue with a recommended resolution.
It is just a documentation issue, but I think it is important.
I just got into an argument on the CC list about how the
BP stuff is overkill, and responded that the Business Transaction
level is not overkill, but necessary for forming legally binding
electronic agreements. Moreover, by using the UMM Transaction
Patterns, little or no modeling should be required. 

However, the larger collaborations and choreography are not required, 
but provided for more advanced situations.

Unfortunately, the BPSS document reads as if the whole enchilada,
including multi-party collaborations and choreography expressions,
is required.

I propose adding the following paragraph after line 616 of the BPSSV1.00A
Word doc, just before the heading for section 6.4.1:

However, the minimum requirements for a Specification Schema compliant business process specification are numbers 1 through 3 above, in other words, a single Binary Collaboration containing a single Business Transaction.  Higher-level Binary Collaborations, Multi-party Collaborations and choreography expressions are not required.

-Bob Haugen

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