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Subject: Addition to UMM-BPSS changes

In the BPSSV1.00A.doc, there are some unfortunate sentences
that make it seem like BPSS is a modeling tool, or the standard
for business process models (as opposed to runtime XML business
process specification documents), in contradiction to my understanding
of how this issue is being resolved (model = UMM, XML runtime doc = BPSS).

I propose the following changes:

Delete lines 369-371:
Any methodologies and/or metamodels used for the creation of ebXML compliant Business Process Specifications must at minimum support these elements and relationships. 

In lines 613-615, Change 'modeling' to 'composition' so the paragraph reads
as follows:
Although this section, for purposes of introduction, discusses the model from the bottom up, the Specification Schema very much is intended for composition from the top down, re-using existing lower level content as much as possible.

-Bob Haugen

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