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Subject: BPSS for review

after a near all-nighter we are bleary-eyed and almost done.
Here is BPSS 1.0B for review and proof-reading by BP list before we submit it
for final review this afternoon. If you can spare an hour, I would much
appreciate your proof-reading, even if you only concentrate on the section(s)
of most concern to you. Thanks so much to Kurt and Jamie for sacrificing most
of a night's sleep to get to this point.

(We know that the little pictures scattered through the DTD documentation are
not updated yet, and there are a couple of more small clean-up tasks we know

In the attached zip is BPSS 1.0B without change bars, the change bar one is
very big, I can supply upon request. Also in the zip is Neal's latest issue
list update.

We will submit BPSS as version 1.0 at 4 pm eastern this afternoon. If you
comment before then we can incorporate minor edits, if not, we look forward to
your comments during the public review starting Monday morning.



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