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Subject: RE: BPSS for review

1. I did not see the statement of the minimum requirements, i.e. 
one Business Collaboration consisting of one Business Transaction,
either in the place I suggested (just before heading  6.4.1) or the more-prominent
place Karsten suggested on our last conference call.

Here's my proposed wording again:
However, the minimum requirements for a Specification Schema compliant business process specification are numbers 1 through 3 above, in other words, a single Binary Collaboration containing a single Business Transaction.  Higher-level Binary Collaborations, Multi-party Collaborations and choreography expressions are not required.

Feel free to do better, but I think it is important to state it explicitly.

2. Typo:
Line 536 A business transaction is realized as  Business document fbetween the 

Note: I did not proof read consistently; that one just jumped out.

-Bob Haugen

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