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Subject: RE: What do people really expect from ebXML? -Transactions!

Interesting thread, but I think a point that is being missed is that the BP
Spec allows the "well-developed framework" to be coded in a machine readable
format. It's not adding anything new to the concept of trade and commerce,
just getting the machines to do it. And to allow the business experts to
change, experiment and manage what they do more efficiently and effectively.

I envision a state where Lucent describes how it does business and trading
partners either agree or establish an agreement. In either case it is
expressed in a machine readable format that will allow us to more easily
begin doing business. It will be a matter of configuration and activation,
in a matter of minutes from the agreement "hanshake", not the
days/weeks/months currently needed to hold meetings, decide on the messages,
the process, the infrastructure, the project team, ... well you get the

Best Regards,
Kurt Kanaskie
IT Architecture Strategy Group
Lucent Technologies
(610) 778-1069

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From: 	Bob Haugen [mailto:linkage@interaccess.com] 
Sent:	Monday, April 30, 2001 12:32 PM
To:	'ebXML Core'
Cc:	'ebXML BP'
Subject:	RE: What do people really expect from ebXML? -Transactions!

William J. Kammerer
>for the vast bulk of domestic U.S. trade and commerce, is BPM and
>economic event modeling, or whatever, really required when we have a
>well-developed framework of law such as the U.C.C. and bankruptcy?   Is
>it overkill?

1. Use it where you need it, don't where you don't.
2. The Business Transaction level of BPM (not the same as Philip
Goatly's meaning of business transaction) bakes in the relevant
well-developed framework of law, such as it applies to electronic
commerce.  And that level should be fairly easy to use.  So 
is it overkill?  Like everything else, it depends.  It's the basically
the same transaction model as RosettaNet, and they use it for 
domestic transactions.

-Bob Haugen

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