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Subject: coordinating L&L with POC

To BP team,

In today's BP/CC meeting Bill Cox from the POC team asked the BP team to
provide a 10-15 minute Business Process introduction to the POC demo next
Thursday in Vienna. I will be putting slides  together for this, and solicit
your input on key points to be made.

We also agreed that we should make sure that the Tuesday BP Lunch&Learn and
the POC should leverage each other as much as possible, i.e. people who attend
both should find them consistent and mutually enhancing, and people who attend
only the POC should through the above 10-15 minute intro get a good
understanding of how BP fits in with the actual running demo.

We decided that a small team (Brian Hayes, Bill Cox, Philippe DeSmedt, Cory
Casanave, and myself) would work on that coordination this week. Again, we
solicit your input on how to achieve this.

We will send out an update on this work later this week,


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