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Subject: Re: Brian Hayes - Vienna Itinerary

I will be at Hotel Astoria, arrive Sunday AM.

I am unable to get a hold of anyone from POC, but from their archive it would
appear that they intend to meet on Sunday at the Chamber of Commerce itself.
Judging from main agenda that facility is open at least for
registration/check-in 4-7 pm on Sunday, so I think it would be safe for us to
plan to have out BP meeting there at 5, but I will go with whatever Brian
announces. The steering committe meeting is at some restaurant, so no need to
coordinate with that venue.


>06 May 01 Sunday 
>- Arrive Vienna 2:00 PM - United 3642
>- Hotel Das Triest
>  01-43-1589-180
>Reminder - If you plan to meet with the BP team on Sunday afternoon/evening,
>please send in your arrival time and hotel
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