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Subject: Example RN PIP 3A4 in BPSS


Attached is an ebXML Business Process Specification XML document for
RosettaNet PIP 3A4 version 1.4 that I did as a personal POC. I think it is
correct, but if someone finds a mistake or I left something out, please let
me know. Some interesting points:
* Use of Packages to represent Cluster, Segment and PIP
* Use of guardExpression and XPath to determine the response type, since
RosettaNet uses the same message for both positive and negative responses.
* Use of XPath to reference other elements.
* Only 74 lines of XML for the entire PIP!
Best regards,

P.S. I will not be able to attend the Vienna meeting, hope it is a great

Kurt Kanaskie
IT Architecture Strategy Group
Lucent Technologies
(610) 778-1069


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