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Subject: After Vienna

I am sorry to not be able to join you in Vienna to celebrate the tremendous
team efforts of the last few months.   Last minute considerations require
that I stay in Los Angeles.   

I was pleased to see several reports that the core ebXML activities are
expected to continue.  CEFACT's leadership in its 22 March officer's report
indicated support for a continuation of ebXML's infrastructure and
meetings, on a less frequent basis.  On the OASIS side, Jon Bosak's 20
March presentation at EWG outlined some options for "Life after Vienna"
syntax-specific work on core components.   

I expect to participate in those efforts and look forward to seeing you
there.   Cordial best regards.     Jamie Clark

- - -
James Bryce Clark
Spolin Silverman & Cohen LLP 
310 586 2404    jbc@lawyer.com    

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