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Subject: BPSS nits and editorial finishes

Paul, Marcia and Karsten:

This will confirm our conversations about Vienna-stage nits.  My
understanding is that the document editors will retain the right, after the
plenary, to clean up nonsubstantive typos and cross references.   

Nevertheless, in case it is useful, let me pass along the following nits,
working from version 1.00 of the BPSS as posted for public review:

a.  At lines 424-25 in Section 6, the last sentence does not scan.  Missing

b.   Delete extra quote mark in line 538.

c.   At line 666 (in Bob Haugen's insert to Section 6.4), insert the word
"for" after "not required".  

d.  After line 2562, the qualifier about IsPositiveResponse being relevant
only in a response (and ignored in a request) is missing from the table's
"Definition" column.

e.   In Lines 577-78 and 1295-96, the name of the referenced document has
been returned to "ebXML E-Commerce Patterns".  

f.  There is an extra period (my fault, it's from my insert) at the end of
line 1330.  

Best regards    Jamie
- - -
James Bryce Clark
Spolin Silverman & Cohen LLP 
310 586 2404    jbc@lawyer.com    

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