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Subject: Re: time-sensitive: any errata for BPSS?

Errata for BPSS:

Line 192, 194, 195, 196, 197. Version s/b 1.0

Line 198. Beginning on this page, the page header reading Context/Metamodel
Group April 2001 s/b Business Process Project Team May 2001

Line 233.  is s/b are

Line 757, 763.  BusinessDocument s/b businessDocument

Line 764. Remove /

More to follow.   

Neal Smith

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From: Karsten Riemer <Karsten.Riemer@Sun.COM>
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CC: Karsten.Riemer@Sun.COM <Karsten.Riemer@Sun.COM>
Sent: Thu May 24 11:49:14 2001
Subject: time-sensitive: any errata for BPSS?

BPSS editors:

We are being published! Prentice Hall will publish the ebXML specs, so you
start handing out signed copies :-)

As per below e-mail just in from Karl Best we have a chance to fix errata in
BPSS v1.01 Let me know if you have come across any errors. Karl will not
accept or make any substantive, normative changes. Karl has to get back to
Prentice Hall by tomorrow, so this is a really fast exercise.

One thing I know about is that Betty's current hierarchical DTD pictures are
slightly out of date. Betty, would you be able to generate the pictures
I attach the DTD for v1.01. I think only the BinaryCollaboration picture was
affected  by changes made in Vienna, but if it easy to do, generate all the
pictures again, if not at least the BinaryCollaboration one would be much


> ebXML team chairs:
> Prentice Hall has requested the opportunity to publish in hard copy the
> completed ebXML specifications; this plan has been approved by the ebXML
> Execs. While I spent a few hours on the way home from Vienna cleaning up
> the
> docs before putting them on the web on the 14th, they still need some
> So Prentice Hall will be reformatting the docs and doing some cleanup
> before
> they publish, and these cleaned-up files will also be made available to us
> to put on the ebXML web site.
> So... <sound_of_can_of_worms_opening/>, this is a final chance to clean up
> any problems with the docs.
> I would like to request that each team chair or editor take a quick look
> your documents at http://www.ebxml.org/specs/index.htm and report to me
> problems with formatting or with non-substantive information.
> Please send me changes by Friday; Prentice Hall will start work right away
> so I won't have much time for edits. And please be *very* specific about
> what, where, needs to be changed (i.e. a line number and the word to be
> changed).
> NOTE: I will not accept or make any substantive, normative changes.
> Remember
> that your specs/reports/papers were approved/accepted by the plenary or
> steering committee, and substantive changes would have to go through
> another
> review/approval cycle. I will only accept non-substantive, non-normative
> changes.

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