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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: ebXML-CBP (formerly Core Process) Teleconference Notice - 29 November, 23:00 GMT

ebXML Common Business Process Team Meeting
  Date-Time: Wednesday, 29 November, 2000, 23:00 GMT (3:00 PM PST)
             Thursday,  30 November, 2000,  7:00 AM GMT+8
  Duration: 1.5 hours

 USA Toll Free Number: 888-485-5306
 USA Toll Number: +1-712-271-1128
 PASSCODE: 50464
 LEADER:            Mr Brian Hayes

 There are 11 USA (toll free) lines and 8 international (toll) lines
assuming the following participation:
	Name			Meeting 23:00 GMT
	Hideki Ichihara	attend
	Jisook Park		attend
	Dongjin Kim		attend
	Hyong Do Kim	attend
	CP Liang		attend
	Sally Wang		attend
	Sheng-di Liang	attend
	Frank Lin		attend
	Stephan de Jong	no
	Alice Aguemon	no
	Martin Bryan	no
	Jim Clark		maybe
	Bob Haguen		maybe
	Paul Levine		maybe
	Lisa Shreve		maybe
	Pat Toufar		maybe
	Yang Liu		maybe
	Brian Hayes		attend
	David Welsh		attend
	Edwin Young		attend
	Nita Sharma		attend
	Michelle Irwin	attend

If you are not on this list or are indicated with a "no" and plan to call
in, please let me know before 2:00 PM PST.

/Brian Hayes

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