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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: ebXML-CP Teleconference Report - 22 Nov

ebXML-CP Teleconference Report
Date: 22 Nov
Time: 15:00-16:30 GMT (9:00 am - 10:30 am PST)

+ Catalog of Common Business Processes
+ Business Process Specification Worksheets
+ Meeting Times
+ Mentors
+ Team Name

   Jim Clark, Bob Haugen, Brian Hayes, Michelle Irwin, Paul Levine, Pat
Toufar, Dave Welsh, Jenny Xu

Catalog of Common Business Processes
   The list has been updated with business processes from the insurance
industry.  Dave and Nita have been discussing classifications/taxonomies for
classifying the the business processes.  See Karl Best's recent email,
"taxonomy discussion at OASIS", Mon 11/20/00.  Referenced in the email is
   Dave discussed the need to document the business need around the catalog
of common business processes:
   + Why is important to have this catalog?
   + What do the business processes provided?
   + What is the promise to the community?
   We discussed some of the answers to these questions.  For example:
   + It is not practical for individual companies to design their own
business processes when an existing business process can be modified to fit
their need.
==> Dave will be working on documenting this and we are all encouraged to
help out.
==> Brian needs to publish the proposed business process identification
scheme developed in Tokyo.

Business Process Specification Worksheets
   Dave has typed up the notes from Tokyo and will distribute to the team.
We discussed the purpose of the worksheets.  The worksheets will allow you
to effectively find and specify business processes.  The worksheets can also
be thought of as a business process editor or a business process
configurator.  We assume that there will be a repository(ies) of business
process specifications that can be searched as part of the worksheet based
business process analysis.
   A deliverable for the team will be a paper based worksheet approach.
This approach will assume a searchable repository of business process
   Dave and Nita are leading an effort to develop interactive software
demonstration of the worksheet approach.  This will be our proof-of-concept
for the Vancouver ebXML conference.
==> Dave to distribute worksheet notes to mailing list.
==> It would be helpful to have a diagram showing how the worksheets, the
repository, and other aspects of the ebXML architecture tie together.

Meeting Times
   We agreed that the 3:00 PM (15:00) GMT meeting time (despite being early
for the PST timezone folks) was acceptable.  Brian mentioned that we could
adjust the meeting time depending on the participants.  Paul cautioned
against changing meeting times: people often miss the time change despite
==> The next meeting is Wednesday November 29, 3PM PST (23:00 GMT).  Note
the time change.  This is to accomodate the team members in the GMT+8 and
GMT+9 timezones (For Tapei, the meeting will start at 7AM Thursday).

   Jenny Xu has graciously allowed her self to be volunteered to be our
Mentor to the Retail Domain Team.  Thank you Jenny!

Team Name
   Since we are renaming our catalog of core processes to a catalog of
common business processes, it is appropriate that we rename the team.  We
discussed some names and agreed that we would now be the "Common Businsess
Process Team."  Bob Haugen has provided our motto: "Save the people from
methodology and analysis."


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