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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: ebXML-CBP Teleconference Notice - January - Wednesdays 15:30 GMT (7:30AM PST)

ebXML Common Business Process Team Meeting
  Date-Time: Every Wednesday, January 2001, 15:30 GMT (7:30 AM PST)
  Duration: 1.0 hours

 USA Toll Free Number: 888-485-5306
 USA Toll Number: +1-312-470-0102
 PASSCODE: 20195
 LEADER:            Mr Brian Hayes
 CALL DATE:         JAN-03-2001  (Wednesday)
                    JAN-10-2001  (Wednesday)
                    JAN-17-2001  (Wednesday)
                    JAN-24-2001  (Wednesday)
                    JAN-31-2001  (Wednesday)
 CALL TIME:         07:30 AM PACIFIC TIME (15:30 GMT)
 DURATION:          1 hr

 There are 7 USA (toll free) lines and 3 international (toll) lines.

Agenda to-be-announced.

Brian Hayes
Document Engineering. Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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