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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: ebXML-CBP Jan 3 Teleconference Report

Date: January 3, 2001
Attendees: Brian Hayes, Paul Levine, Nita Sharma, Dave Welsh

+ January Face-to-Face Meeting
+ Deliverables

January Face-to-Face Meeting
   A face-to-face meeting will be held in January with the primary goal of
working on the Business Process Editory proof-of-concept for the Vancouver
ebXML meeting.  It is currently proposed that the meeting be held at Netfish
in Santa Clara, California, for three days during the third week of January
(17th, 18th, 19th).  Nita will confirm this later this week.
   Proposed agenda for the meeting:
   + Metamodel Review - to provide the background for the POC
   + Storyboard the Business Process Editory POC
   + Architect/Design POC and look at existing tools
   + Identify a business processes to test the Business Process Editor
   + Review team ebXML deliverables/schedule

   We need to follow up with Jim Clark to see if he has a business process
specification example that we can use. Is there a current version that we
can use?
   TIE folks from previous meeting may also want to participate in the POC.
   We need to start working on the Worksheets since they are essentially the
specification for the Business Process Editor.

   Paul mentioned that there is a BP-CC Joint Deliverable Team on Monday
January 8th to discuss the sechedule of deliverables to be finished by the
end of ebXML.  Klaus sent out a presentation that summarizes the
deliverables.  Brian will review the schedule.

Action Items
+ Nita to confirm January Face-to-Face Meeting 
+ Brian to contact Sharad Agarwal from TIE regarding the POC
+ Brian to contact Jim Clark regarding a business process specification
+ Brian to review the deliverables schedule.
+ All - review metamodel

Next Week
+ Next Meeting:
  - Worksheet devlopment 
  - Identify Business Process Example

  USA Toll Free Number: 888-485-5306
  USA Toll Number: +1-312-470-0102
  PASSCODE: 20195
  LEADER:            Mr Brian Hayes
  CALL DATE:         JAN-10-2001  (Wednesday)
  CALL TIME:         07:30 AM PACIFIC TIME (15:30 GMT)
  DURATION:          1 hr

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