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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: ebXML-CBP Dec 19 2000 Teleconference Report

Date: December 19, 2000
Attendees: Sharad Agarwal, Jim Clark, Susan Crani, Bob Haugen, Brian Hayes,
Dave Welsh

+ January Face-to-Face Meeting
+ Buseinss Process Editor Proof-of-Concept

January Face-to-Face Meeting
   It was proposed that the January face-to-face meeting be held at Netfish
in Santa Clara, California USA.  Estimate approximately 10-15 people
including CBP team members and developers (from Nordstrom.com, Netfish, and
possible other sources).
   Future face-to-face meetings to be held in Europe.

Business Process Editor Proof-of-Concept
   Bob Haugen had a suggestion from Joe Dalmer for improvement on our POC
proposal: We need to clarify that the POC proposal is tied into existing
specifications.  We need a paragraph stating what specifications the POC is
tied into.  E.g. "This proposal implements theise specifications documents:
Collaboration MetaModel, version 1.x, Specification Schema, version 1.x."

   Sharad Agarwal and Susan Crani of EDI-TIE (http://www.edi-tie.com/) are
interested in participating in the proof-of-concept.  Their interests:
+ To see if it possible to extract BP information from repositories
+ To map internal systems to business processes (a focus of EDI-TIE).
   Sharad is focused on integrating the ebXML process with internal business

Action Items
+ Brian to post worksheet document to list serve
+ Brian to post catalog of business processes

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