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Subject: Re: ebXML Business Process Worksheets - ver 2.0

Common Process Team,

Monday during the BP/CC team meeting where we were discussing the May deliverables it was
stated that the guidelines was be deprecated by the worksheets and templates. This is the
time I had heard this, I have been a little preoccupied. Whether the guidelines are a
deliverable or not I am not so concerned with. However, it is a unit of work I believe
needs to be completed. Brian used the IRS docs as a comparison of the pupose of the
different units of work and I think helps scope different artifacts.

TMWG - N90 = Entire tax code
Worksheets & Templates = IRS Forms.
Guidelines = IRS instructions.
BP Editor = TurboTax

In order to actually specify a BP all we really need is the Worksheets and Templates.
However, in order to assure that we fill in the forms properly we willl need to have a set
of instructions that augment the templates and provide some of the rationale behind the

I am not reccommmending that we declare the guidelines as a deliverable, but  I think we
need this supporting doc. I am willing to own this problem is needed.


Jim Clark

"Hayes, Brian" wrote:

> For tomorrows meeting (7:30 AM PST), here's an update to Dave's write-up on
> the Business Process Worksheets. Essentially, I've add some more
> introduction and a diagram of how the Worksheets might fit in with a
> Business Process Specificaiton Repository, Core Component and Document
> Schema Repository, Trading Partner Information repository, and the CPA
> stuff.
>  <<BpWorksheets-WIP-0.2.zip>>
> Cheers,
> Brian Hayes
> Document Engineering. Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                Name: BpWorksheets-WIP-0.2.zip
>    BpWorksheets-WIP-0.2.zip    Type: Zip Compressed Data (application/x-zip-compressed)
>                            Encoding: BASE64
adr:;;10987 Quinlan N Lake;Conroe;TX;77303;
title:Principal Consultant
fn:James Clark

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