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Subject: Suggested Review for ebXML Business Process Editor Toolset POC Face-To-Face

Larissa Leybovich asked an excellent question, which was: 
   Which documents should one review prior to coming to our upcoming
face-to-face meeting (ebXML Business Process Editor Toolset POC)?
   In approximate order of importance:

1.  Review the latest Business Process Worksheets document see the archives,
http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-ccbp-analysis/.  The last one I sent
out is
Naturally, if you have any input/questions before the meeting, post them to
the ebxml-ccbp-analysis list so we can update the document before we meet.

2.  Review the ebXML Technical Architecture Specification. A link to it can
be found at http://www.ebxml.org/specdrafts/specs_for_review.htm.  Relative
to the Business Process Editor, I think the important things are: business
process, core components, and the registry/repository.

3.  Start reading the UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology (TMWG N090).  It's the
methodology we are trying to make easier with the Worksheets.  I wouldn't
try to read it all in one sitting. If you don't understand something, take
notes and well send them to the TMWG folks for clarification. You can find a
link to the document at http://www.ebxml.org/project_teams/jdt/resources/.

4.  Take a look at the Business Process Specification Template.  It will
give you a feeling of some of the information that would be captured during
modeling.  The examples in the template are far from complete.  There is a
link to it on http://www.ebxml.org/project_teams/jdt/deliverables.html.

5. If you get this far and if you have been following the work on the ebXML
Business Process Specification Schema, you may want to review it.  A link to
it can be found at http://www.ebxml.org/project_teams/jdt/deliverables.html.


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