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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: ebXML-CBP Jan 10 Teleconference Report

Date: January 10, 2001
Attendees: Alice Aguemon, Bob Haugen, Brian Hayes, Bill McCarthy, Nita
Sharma, Dave Welsh

+ POC Proposal
+ January Face-to-Face Meeting
+ BP Editor Toolset

POC Proposal
   ...discustion regarding the lack of status on the POC proposals. Brian to
follow up with POC team.

January Face-to-Face Meeting
   People who have not previously participated in the team are showing an
interest in attending the POC.  We discussed the desire to keep the
face-to-face focused on the task at hand (development of the POC as it is
currently envisioned). 

BP Editor Toolset
Tool Vendor Guidelines - Discussed that a tool vendor that wanted to build
tools for the Business Process Editor Toolset would need to do:
	+ Understand UMM
	+ Understand the BP Metamodel
	+ Integrate with ebXML compliant registries and repositories
	+ Support discovery
	+ Provide user friendly forms
	+ Provide good documentation

Worksheets & UMM - The Worksheets are driven by the UMM.  However it is
envisioned that new worksheets will be developed that follow alternative
paths through the UMM and follow alternative methodologies.  The scope of
the BPE Editor POC is the four layer model of Metamodel.

BPE Toolset Architecture - the toolset should be plug-n-play.  See draft/WIP
architecture in email:

Network Effect - The success of the BP Editor (and Worksheet) approach
improves over time.  Initially we need to encourage its use and the growth
of the business process specification repositories.  Initially the effort is
primarily business process construction, and then business process
modifications, and then compliancy checking of existing business processes.
See chart in

UMM Experience - Need to contact people with experience using UMM.
+ Brian to contact Paul Levine and Sue Probert
+ Alice has a contact in Europe
+ Bill or Bob to contact Melanie McCarthy -- Global Invoice Project

Action Items
+ Brian to follow up with POC team regarding status of POC submissions
+ Brian to contact Paul Levine and Sue Probert
+ Alice has a contact in Europe
+ Bill or Bob to contact Melanie McCarthy -- Global Invoice Project

Outstanding Action Items
+ Brian to contact Sharad Agarwal from TIE regarding the POC

Next Week
+ Next Meeting:
  -  Regular team meeting teleconference cancelled due to face-to-face.
Regular team teleconference is January 24.  The plan is to have
teleconferences during the face-to-face.
  USA Toll Free Number: 888-485-5306
  USA Toll Number: +1-312-470-0102
  PASSCODE: 20195
  LEADER:            Mr Brian Hayes
  CALL DATE:         JAN-24-2001  (Wednesday)
  CALL TIME:         07:30 AM PACIFIC TIME (15:30 GMT)
  DURATION:          1 hr

Brian Hayes
Document Engineering. Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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