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Subject: FW: BPE model

See attached diagram and explanation in original message

I am sending the Visio version to Brian in a separate message,
but if anybody else wants it, let me know.

-Bob Haugen

-----Original Message-----
From:	Hayes, Brian [SMTP:Brian.Hayes@Commerceone.com]
Sent:	Monday, January 15, 2001 3:18 PM
To:	'Bob Haugen'
Subject:	RE: BPE model

Bob, forward this to Nita Sharma and David Welsh.  Or, preferably, post it
to ebxml-ccbp-analysis.  This is excellent.  Can you send me the Visio
version?  I would like to rename the UI Model to Worksheet Model and then
put the diagram in the Worksheets document.


> -----Original Message-----
> Attached is a diagram I have been working on for the BPE F2F.
> The intent is to sketch out a model for the BPE UI, in the sense
> of the model in an MVC pattern.  In other words, not the UI itself
> (the view), but the model elements that the view needs to work 
> with.
> The leftmost column is the selection of the main metamodel 
> elements that I think the BPE needs to edit.  The rightmost column
> is the metamodel elements that those elements map to, also
> showing intervening elements that the BPE software needs to
> construct and manage in order to be able to save and retrieve
> the business process model correctly (in terms of the 
> metamodel).  The rightmost column also shows the
> base element for each element.
> The middle column is the other elements that are part of
> the BPE UI model.  They are the same as the metamodel
> elements of the same name.
> My intent is to provide a cheat sheet for the BPE group 
> for designing both the user interface and the back-end
> software that creates model elements.
> Feel free to change this in any way, or ask me to make
> changes (until late tomorrow morning).  The diagram
> was done in Visio, so Brian, if you want that version,
> let me know.
> Respectfully,
> Bob Haugen

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