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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: ebXML Analysis/CBP team Vancouver Agenda

The following agenda/plan was put together by the CBP/Analysis team members
present at ebXML/X12/EWG meeting in Seattle.

Attendees: Bill McCarthy, Brian Hayes, Dave Welsh, Sharon Kadlec, Stephan de
Jong, Nita Sharma, Antoine Lonjon, Jennifer Loverage, Ed Duenas

+ Presentation: CBP Team Status 
  - Overview of efforts since Tokyo
+ Objectives for Vancouver
  - Release Catalog of Common Business Processes to QR one week after
Vancouver (Lead: Dave Welsh, Nita Sharma)
  - Lunch and Learn: Interoperability with Legal Standards and Enforcement
(Jamie Clark)
  - Lunch and Learn: BP Editor  (Karsten Riemer, Nita Sharma)
  - Continued work on Business Process Analysis Worksheets, the BP Editor,
the Guidelines
  - Further discussion and development on the Collaboration and REA modeling
elements (Lead: Bob Haugen, Bill McCarthy)
  - Engage other Groups
    + CPP/CPA - Discuss and develop CPA Negotiation Business Process (Lead:
Nita Sharma)
    + CPP/CPA - Wednesday - Metamodel team to meet with CPP/CPA team to
veryify mapping between specification model and CPP/CPA model (Lead: Karsten
    + Reg/Rep - Naming conventions for Business Process Identifiers and
other metamodel elements that need unique identifiers (Lead: Brian Hayes)
    + Reg/Rep - Discuss the nature of the Reg/Rep queries that will be used
by tools such as the BP Editor (Lead: Karsten Riemer)
    + Core Component Domain Teams - Meet with them to get input on the
Catalog of Business Processes and to provide any analysis help (Everyone not
working on other objectives)

Catalog of Business Processes
At the team status meeting Thursday of X12/EWG, we discussed the following:
+ Stephen de Jong pointed out that the normative categories and groups in
the Catalog should be tied into a known standard.  Bill McCarthy mentioned
the Supply Chain Council and Michael Porter's Value Chain. Porter's Value
Chain is taught in most MBA programs and, thus, should be familiar to most
business people (which is good since we are targeting the Worksheets and BP
Editor to business people).  Porter's Value Chain has been expanded and
should be useful to us.  Bill to provide the list of categories.

+ Business Process Descriptions.  John Yunker has a list of PIP Descriptions
that can be used to seed the business process description section of the
Catalog.  Jennifer Loverage to contact John.

+ Dave will bring up copies of the latest Catalog to Vancouver.

See you in Vancouver!

Brian Hayes
Document Engineering. Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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