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Subject: ebXML BP X12/EWG Status Report

ebXML BP X12/EWG Status Report
Wed June 8th, Thurs June 9th

Mary Kay Blantz distributed the Catalog of Business Processes to the various
X12/EWG teams.  Each of the groups provided many updates to the Catalog.
Nita will consolidate the inputs and try to send an update of the catalog to
the ebxml-ccbp-analysis list tonight or tomorrow.

Stephen and Nita used the few Worksheet (Business Area, Process Area)
templates that Brian put into the Worksheets document (Version 0.6).
Unfortunately, the worksheets and the associated processes was not well
suited to the X12/EWG group. This led to some discussion in our Thursday
wrap up meeting about have appropriate worksheets and workflow targetted to
the group participating in the analysis. 

Note: ebXML Vancouver plan in seperate email.

Brian Hayes
Document Engineering. Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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