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Subject: FW: ebXML Specification Schedule

Hi paul/Marcia
where do the deliverables of the BP-Analysis team fit in? Some of the BP-CC deliverables are not specifications and are still included. So should ours be.

[Sharma, Nita] 
 -----Original Message-----
From: Tim McGrath [mailto:tmcgrath@tedis.com.au]
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2001 2:50 PM
To: nagwa
Cc: 'ebXML Coordination'
Subject: Re: ebXML Specification Schedule


this looks very useful.

just two suggestions.

1. if this is to help the project teams (and us) then we need to add, but keep is different font (or some other differentiating method) the 'white papers/discussion papers". in fact the BP/CC overview document is one of these, but also the 3-4 BP papers, security assessment , the glossary, the Registry Business Domain document, etc..  this could be a separate sheet, but i think we would lose the overall picture if we did this.

2. as we have already discovered, the 'no later than' dates are not fixed in stone, this means that the first public review (26 Feb) has already gone and they ain't made it!  i suspect the better 'y axis' would be the weeks leading up to May 11th (our fixed date).  the top row could be the optimum path (the n.l.t dates), but when we plot the documents status we then show where they are at the cuurent week.  this shows us the slippage and slack available.  does that make sense?

nagwa wrote:

Here is the first draft from the specs status, please let me know
what do you think



ebXML Specification Schedule

Team Specification Name First Cycle Second Cycle Status
In QRT Review 
(n.l.t. 19 Feb)
In Public Review 
(n.l.t. 26 Feb)
In Edit Period 
(n.l.t. 12 Mar)
In QRT Review 
(n.l.t. 19 Mar)
In Public Review 
(n.l.t. 26 Mar)
In Edit Period 
(n.l.t. 9 Apr)
Core Components BP and CC Document Overview Version 1.0           In QRT Review 1
Rules for application of Context
(ebXML The role of context in the re-usability of Core Components and Business Processes)
Version 1.0           In QRT Review 1
Methodology for developing CC
(ebXML Methodology for the Discovery and Analysis of Core Components)
Version 1.0           In QRT Review 1
Naming Conventions
(ebXML Naming Conventions for Core Components and Business Processes)
Version 1.0           In QRT Review 1
Core Component Catalog
(ebXML Initial Catalogue of Core Components (.doc) + Appendix A (.xls))
Version 1.0           In QRT Review 1
Methodology for Constructing Documents
(ebXML Specification for the application of XML-based assembly and context rules)
Version 1.0           In QRT Review 1
Business Process Specification Schema
(ebXML Business Process Specification Schema)
X X Version 0.90       On track for incorporating comments into version 1.0 for 19 March
Trading Partners CPP/CPA
(Collaboration-Protocol Profile and Agreement Specification)
Version 0.91           In QRT Review 1;
Editing on V.92 in anticipation of QRT and Public review comments.
Transport Routing & Packaging Message Services
(ebXML Message Service Specification)
X X Version 0.94       Editing in progress;
will be submitted to list again on 6 Mar for final approval before submitting to QRT;
will be submitted to Murray on 6 Mar also for preliminary check.
Registry & Repository Registry Information Model X X Version 0.56       Comments are being addresed; 
editing should be complete on or before 19 Mar for QRT submission.
Registry Services X X Version 0.83       Comments are being addresed;
editing should be complete on or before 19 Mar for QRT submission.
Requirements ebXML Requirements X X Version 1.03       Additions for TP have been done;
working on other minor changes; 
on track for QRT submission before 19 Mar.

tim mcgrath
TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142

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