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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: ebXML-Analysis Conference Notices: Friday 9 Mar, Wed 14 Mar

Next Meetings
Friday 9 March
+ Catalog Teleconference   - Friday 12 Eastern, 9 Pacific. 1.5 hours (11
+ Worksheet Teleconference - Friday 1pm PST. 2 hours? (4 people to possibly
call in)
Wednesday 14 Mar
+ Catalog and Worksheets - Wednesday 8 AM PST 2 hours

For above meetings:
 USA Toll Number: +1-712-237-3264   (18 lines)
 Toll Free Number: 877-939-5307	(2 lines)
 LEADER:            Mr Brian Hayes
 Phone Number of Leader: (925) 788-6304

I have set up a permanent "unattended instant meeting" for those access
numbers an passcode.  Thus, we can have adhoc meetings 7x24 providing you
can convince me to call in and key in my access code to enable the call.


 Entry/Exit Tones Turned On
 *0 - Operator Assistance.  Will bring an Operator into the Conference.
 *6 - Self Mute & Un-Mute.  This feature is useful in cases where a
 is in a noisy area and the phone doesn't have a mute button, such as pay
 phones or cell phones.  Works like a toggle switch.

 * How Instant Meeting works:  At the designated meeting time, all
 dial in to the access number and enter their Participant Passcode after the
 voice prompt.  Participants will be placed on Music-on-Hold until the
 arrives.  When the leader dials in and enters the Leader Passcode, the call
 begins.  If the leader arrives first, participants will be entered directly
 into the conference upon their arrival.

 * If the conference leader does not dial in, the call will terminate 20
 minutes after the first participant dialed in.  The conference leader will
 charged usage for the time those participants were awaiting the leader's
 arrival. If you would like a meeting to start without you, you can give
 leader passcode to a trusted colleague who will be attending the call.
 Multiple leaders can dial in, and as soon as any leader arrives the call
 begin.  Keep in mind the leader passcode can be used to start future calls.
 If you feel the security of your leader passcode is compromised, just call
 at the number above and we'll change it for you.

 * Your subscription is set up for a maximum number of participants,
 the leader.  If more than that number attempt to dial in, they will be
 blocked, and will hear the following message:  "At this time, access to
 conference is unavailable.  Please confirm your conference information and
 your call again.  If you are still unable to access your conference, please
 contact your conference leader."


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