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Subject: ebXML-Analysis Conference Report Wed 14 March

ebXML CC/BP Analysis Team - Conference Report
Wednesday, 14 March 2001
8:00 AM PST

Attendess: Nita Sharma, Brian Hayes, Jamie Clark, Randy Clark, Bob Haugen,
Charlie Fineman, Randy Clark, Scott Hinkleman, Jim Clark, Dave Welsh, Bill
McCarthy, Paul Levine, Marcia McLure.

+ General Document Comments/Process
+ Catalog Document
+ E-Commerce Patterns
+ Worksheet and Guidelines Document
+ Analysis Overview Document
+ E-Commerce Patterns
+ EWG Meeting
+ Next Meetings

General Document Commments/Process
   March 19th is the preferred due date.  See Paul's notes from Monday March
12th meeting.  The document owners/editors would prefer March 26th.
However, we will target the 19th.
+ Catalog of Common Business Processes
+ E-Commerce Patterns
+ Analysis Overview
+ Business Process Analysis Worksheets and Guidelines
   Marcia to help identify the holes in the document to help asses whether
or not we can make 19th. Marcia will be our internal QR on the documents.
   In general, "final" versions of document due to Marcia by Friday
end-of-day.  Marcia to do QR and then submit documents to CC and BP lists.
==> Marcia to circulate memo to BP and CC teams that documents will be
available Saturday morning and comments are requested by Sunday evening to
achieve our March 19th QR submission date.
==> Monday, March 19, 8:00 AM PST.  Analysis team review of documents and
submitted comments.  After that, final edits and submission to QR by

   Line numbers will be needed on the documents. To do this using MS Word,
File menu -> Page Setup -> Layout tab -> Line Numbers... button.  In the
Line Numbers dialog select Add line numbering and Continous number.
   Reference section - see the Analysis Overview document for a starter list
of references.
==> Bill to provide reference for Porter Value Change and his REA.
   General document format (following the template) can wait to after the QR
submission: focus on meaningful content.

   Paul indicated on Monday that one of the things that could be going on in
Vienna is final editing to documents per QR comments with the intention that
by end of Vienna the documents are completed.

Catalog Document
Nita to send document to ebxml-ccbp-analysis to list tonight.

What is the Catalog?
   The issue is whether it is a list of business processes or a list of
transactions, or collaborations.  The cross referrence table is a list of
business process names and transactions.  We have considered calling a list
of collaborations.  While we would like it to be a list of business
processes we do not have the time to make it so. It was suggested that we
just use the layman's loose definition of business process.
==> Jamie to provide a introductory paragraph of catalog that captures the
fuzzy definition of business process.

What claims are we making if the Catalog is a comprehensive list or just a
list of examples?
   The intent is that it be industry neutral but not that it be
comprehensive at this time.  The ambition is that it evolves and the
collection is on-going.

Catalog of Business Processes vs. Guidelines for Cataloging Business
   Marcia understood that this would be a guideline for cataloging.  We
would not go into the details of how the catalog or business processes would
be stored.
   Paul understood that some of the business processes would be fleshed out
(see JDT Project Plan).
   Randy stated that the document could be both a list of business process
and guidelines for cataloging.
   Jim Clark stated that the list will seed the effort to identify patterns.
To define patterns, however, the process ontology is needed; fully defined
reference models are needed.

==> We agree that this document is an initial list of business process names
and guidelines/demonstration for cataloging business processes.  There are
two aspects of business processes in a registry/repository: a) the
catalog/list of busienss process names and the business process
specifications/descriptions and b) the cross reference(s) to aid discovery
and understanding.
   The cross-reference table is prelminary cut at assembling a
cross-reference that demonstrates the methodlogy described in the document.

==> Nita to add to section 4 how the contents of the document fit into
business process modeliing

Drop Ship example
==> Jamie to provide a subset of transactions from Drop Ship as an
illustration of using proceses from the catalog.

==> Nita to submit document to Marcia for review and assesment.

E-Commerce Patterns
   Jamie is the editor of record.  It is very close to completion
(is-binding flag needs to be finalized).  The document should be available
tonight or tomorrow.

Worsheets and Guidelines
   We have not had the time to align the Worksheets with the latest UMM.
This is a significant issue.  Jim Clark, and perhaps, Bob Haugen are needed
to work on this issue.  It was suggested that we have a comment that states
that the Worksheets are not in line with the latest UMM but we have made the
best efforts.
   Outstanding issues - We have not had time in our past teleconferences to
address the outstanding issues.  This is a risk.
==> Charlie to email out an list of issues -- please respond if you can help
address these issues!  Response due tomorrow night (15 March).
   REA - guidelines will be helpful to have in this document.  Currently the
Porter Value Chain table is in an appendix.

==> Charlie to send out next version tonight and Thursday night (with last
of Charlie's contributions since he is unavailable on Friday).  Thursday is
the target for the final version.  Marcia has volunteered to help
incorporate in any final changes.

Next week:
==> Add Jamie's Drop Ship worksheets,
==> Add Brian's Document Analysis worksheets.

Analysis Overview
   4.1, Summary needs work
==> Randy to work on this
   7 Analysis
==> Randy to work on this
   8.1, Business Process and Business Document Analysis Overview - need four
or five paragraphs to accompanying the figures
==> Brian to work on this
   8.2, REA - the figure needs to be updated and needs accompanying text.
==>   Bill and Bob to provide recommendations on all the REA stuff.
   10.1 Anlaysis Worksheets and Guidelines - needs paragraph summaring the
worksheets - take from the Worksheets and Guidelines document
   10.2 BP Editor - needs text and some figures
==> Nita to provide BP Editor screen shots for the BP Editor section (10.2).

   Send in all available comments by early Friday morning. This will allow
for a final review prior to any weekend edits.

EWG Meeting
   David, Nita, and Charlie will be attending the Washington EWG meeting
(week of March 19th).

   The plan is to engage the EWG and BPAWG folks as follows:
   + evangelize ebXML Business Process vision, provide a point of contact,
and encourge reading of and feedback on our work.
   + adhoc work with groups

Next Meetings
+  Monday, March 19, 8:00 AM PST.  Analysis team review of documents and
submitted comments.
+  Wednesday, March 21, 8:00 AM PST.  Regularly Scheduled Anlaysis Team
   (Due to travel, Brian may not be able to attend.  Marcia to lead meeting)
Teleconference Access Information:
 Toll Free Number: 877-939-5307	(18 lines)
 USA Toll Number: +1-712-237-3264   (2 lines)
 PASSCODES 266233#

/Brian Hayes
Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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