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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: ebXML Analysis Conference Notes - Wed 18 March

ebXML Analysis Conference Notes - Wed 18 March

Attendees: Jamie Clark, Jim Clark, Randy Clark, Bob Haugen, Brian Hayes,
Larissa Leybovich, Bill McCarthy, Marcia McLure, Nita Sharma, David Welsh,
Paul Levine

+ Documents
+ Proof-of-Concept
+ PoC Face-to-Face

   Thanks again to everyone's heroic efforts!

   EWG D5 (Customs) - Sent Dave an e-mail on the catalog.

   Question: Do we get an opportunity to fix any significant problems before
the document goes up to public review? No.
==> Brian to post documents to JDT and BP website.

   QRT Plan
      Mon April 2 - BP and Analysis Team Documents
      Wed April 4 - Core Components Documents

   We can start editing after the QRT comments come in.

   See Brian's conceptual description.
   See Nita's e-mail that provides detail to the conceptual description
(Subject: Vienna PoC).
   See Sigmund Handelman's proposal (e.g. Subject: Technical Spec 0.55)

   We discussed Nita's detailed description.

   Jamie summary:
   1.  We can do everything or sufficiently fudge certain aspects.
   2.  There is some significant work to be done
   3.  We have a dependency on the other components in the PoC like the

   We will need to help the PoC team with the understanding of Business
Process and how it impacts the PoC.

   We need to coordinate with Sig.  Brian, Jim, Bob to coordinate and help
define the BP deliverables in the PoC.  There is a distinction between a)
providing the infrastructure and b) playing a role in the demonstration of
the PoC.  We are critical in providing/specifying the BP related
==> Brian to Sig and a plan a call ASAP.
==> Brian to put a strawman prioritization on items in Nita's Vienna PoC

   The document schema's and core components can be an issue depending on
what business processes are implemented in the PoC.

PoC Face-to-Face
   Goal before face-to-face: 
   + clear understanding of deliverables
   + a good understanding of the architectural solution

   A F2F to be done no later than Fri April 13.
   We've got five weeks to finish this PoC.

   Agenda - Design and start coding the BP aspect of the Vienna PoC?

Next Meetings
We will continue to have our regular Wednesday conference calls.

For All meetings:
 Toll Free Number: 877-939-5307	(18 lines)
 USA Toll Number: +1-712-237-3264   (2 lines)
 LEADER:           	 Mr Brian Hayes
 Phone Number of Leader: (925) 788-6304

Brian Hayes
Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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