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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: RE: ebXML Analysis Conference Notes - Wed 18 March

Initial contact between myself and Colin Clark (BPAWG) on N090 and keeping
an open dialogue going w.r.t. each of our group's campaigns into the
Business Process modeling space.

Dave Welsh

 ----Original Message-----
From: C.J.Clark [mailto:cjclark2@compuserve.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2001 9:54 AM
To: Welsh, David
Subject: ebXML contact

We were pleased to meet up with you last week and trust we can continue to
share our ideas and experiences. Your minute taking is somewhat quicker
than ours but I'm sure you will get a copy of the washington minutes when
they are available.
I'm not sure what "questions " there are about BPAWG deliverables!!!
They will be the domain model for the International Supply Chain produced
as per N090 and as contained as early draft in BP044.  ie. Use Case
diagrams and descriptions, Activity Diagrams, Business Entity Classes ,
Glossary etc.

We will certainly be looking at how we can contribute to populating your
Process catalogue and adopting some of your worksheets.   

Hope to see you in Rotterdam.

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