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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: RE: BP modeling - followup to Apr 11 Analysis conf call

Make that a ditto!

Bobbin Teegarden
Chief Technology Officer
EFueler.com, Seattle WA

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From: Jim Clark [mailto:jdc-icot@lcc.net]
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2001 4:36 AM
To: Welsh, David
Cc: 'LONJON Antoine'; 'tboyle@rosehill.net'; Bob Haugen;
'ebXML-BP@llists.ebxml.org'; 'ebXML-CCBP-Analysis (E-mail)'
Subject: Re: BP modeling - followup to Apr 11 Analysis conf call

I absolutely concur with both points.

Jim Clark

"Welsh, David" wrote:

> > 1. The overall idea of the BPSS is to produce the XML DTD
> > that all ebXML
> > Business process will have to conforme to.
> Sorry Antoine, I know you discuss it further in your email but to be
> precise, ebXML business processes 'SHALL' conform to the TMWG UMM as
> in the Technical Architecture. The discussion of alignment of BPSS to UMM
> perhaps another activity underway as part of the efforts of all to
> ebXML "version 1.0" for May release in Vienna.
> Also it is very encouraging to read that tool makers with the vision such
> MEGA are already addressing these BP needs, and it's encouraging to hear
> were able to implement BPSS as is. Additionally, your experience and
> guidance in the real world operating considerations with respect to UML is
> refreshing and valuable to hear. I don't think I've seen enough attention
> that yet, with all the great work everyone is putting in right now, but
> confident due attention will come about as people like yourself start
> deploying the tools, products and services for the ebXML community; and
> we'll find out where corners were inadvertantly cut by mistake !!
> All the best
> Dave Welsh
> >
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