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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: Analysis Team Meeting on Sunday

As requested during our Analysis Team Conference Call today, here is my hotel information to help determine where we should hold the Sunday BP Analysis Team Pre-Meeting Session:
Hotel Erzherzog
Mozartgasse 4
1040 Vienna Austria
Phone 43-1-50111
Paul, would you please post to this list the name of the hotel where our Sunday Steering Committee meeting will be held? This info will assist Brian in determining which hotel is the best meeting place for the Analysis Meeting.
Karsten, just a reminder to please post the POC Meeting Hotel info to this list for the same reason.
Thank you.
I am headed out the door for the airport. 
See you in Vienna!
Marcia L. McLure Ph.D.
28720 Canwood Street Suite 208
Agoura Hills, California 91301
phone  818-706-3882
fax        818-706-1213
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