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Subject: Re: XMI discussion today

> us at 12 pm est today.

Sorry I couldn't join the call, but I wonder if it should be considered to
BPML (http://www.bpmi.org) for this purpose.


There has been prior discussion on BPML a while back.

I would like to see, rather than a quick fixit decision on the tel' conf'
call - rather a considered process where we establish the goals,
set a small team within BP and produce a recommendation - and
most important - working examples.

I believe the answer is to create a set of ebXML BP DTD's that
capture the business functional content - and RosettaNet and the
ebXML metamodel work show the way here.

Then if someone at some point can figure out how XMI can be
derived to populate some or all of that information set - fine.

Otherwise - lets not hurt ourselves trying to figure out other
peoples problems - remember XMI was not designed to do

We should be focusing on the ebXML business functional
solution here - not pieces of technology that may or may not be

Thanks, DW.

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