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Subject: Updated draft document

During the EWG Meeting last week the Materials Management Team (D1)  had the
opportunity to review the first draft  that we had created during our San Jose
Meeting.  There was a major discussion regarding the "Address" model that
suggested that an address probably  also includes  location information.
Consider a mail address for a manufacturing receiving location, it  might
include a specific dock number.  Attached is the revised document for your
comment.  Notice that the group suggested that we might want to call this 'core
component'   'Location' rather than 'Address'.  Also, during the discussion we
talked about the need for descriptions for each of the elements within the
model.  It was proposed that information might be included in the BSR.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts regarding the revised draft, as well as
a draft list for the various blocks that we identified owners for at the San
Jose meeting  (I know, I am just as guilt for not submitting my proposed list!)



(See attached file: mmdomain-location.ppt)


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