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ebxml-coord message

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Subject: Reg Rep one pager

Hi all,

This is a one pager to give a top level idea about what is going on in the reg 
rep working group.


	ebXML Registry and Repository


  The goal of the ebXML Registry and Repository Project Team is to
  define the functional requirements and XML-based interfaces to
  a registry and repository that facilitates the software development
  life cycle, the ebXML standards process, and runtime semantic lookups
  from within business applications.

Scope/Key Issues

  The ebXML Registry and Repository project team will use the Unified
  Modelling Language to document the workflow activities that meet the
  business requirements of the ebXML Registry and Repository.

  The ebXML Registry and Repository project team will use the ebXML
  Business Process Methodology to detail the functional requirements
  of the ebXML Registry and Repository.

  The ebXML Registry and Repository project team intends to publish
  XML-based interfaces to the ebXML Registry and Repository, ideally
  auto-generated off the Registry and Repository UML model itself
  physically contained within a commercial-off-the-shelf repository.

  An ebXML compliant registry and repository must support advanced
  search capabilities whether this is directed by a human interface or
  at runtime from a business application or middleware services.

  Implementation is not in the scope of ebXML Registry and Repository Team.


  A registry is a mechanism whereby relevant documents and metadata about
  them can be registered such that a pointer to their location, and all
  their metadata, can be retrieved as the result of a query.
  A registry is required to allow process owners to submit, classify,
  register and update mapping templates, business process specifications,
  and data interchange specifications. This registry should have an
  Application Program Interface (API) expressed in XML which would also
  support human interfaces through manual HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP).
  This registry should support an agreed upon security protocol.

  A repository is a location or a set of distributed locations where
  documents pointed at by the registry reside and from which they can be
  retrieved by conventional (http / ftp) means, perhaps with additional
  authentication/permission layers.
  A repository is required for storage and retrieval of various items that
  support performing business electronically.  There are two distinct sets
  of business requirements on the repository:

    a set dealing with managing the workflow of developing standard
    components that are stored in the repository

    a set dealing with application usage of the repository

  Additionally, the repository should support the information needs of
  the ebXML work group and project teams, as well as ebXML technical
  specification users with respect to glossaries and products.

  The ebXML Registry and Repository will support the concept of a network
  of registries and repositories that can intercommunicate via the interfaces
  specified by the ebXML Registry and Repository Project Team.
  A registry can be established by an industry group or standards organization
  and can be intercommunicate with any number of repositories.
  In addition, context with a repository can reference content within another
  repository. The concept of a single repository is not scalable, nor does
  it promote the idea of a global web.


  + Business Domain Model
    Overall workflow and interaction of registry and repository
  + Analysis Model
  + Design of Components and XML Interface
  + Complete Functional Specification

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