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Subject: Re: Glossary update

Clive Darling wrote:

> Tim,
> Sorry I didn't get time before my holiday (starting tomorrow) to go through
> the glossary as I had hoped.
> But I would like to comment on the question of what is typically held in the
> repository, relative to schemas. I believe the intention is that whole
> schemas and schema fragments will typically be held, but not down to the
> data element level (e.g. a quantity). I looked to the description of
> Repository Object in the glossary to see if it would help but the
> definition:
> "Repository Object (TA)
> A generic description of ANY object, whether it be a process or an actual
> Data Element, that is stored in a Repository.  Repository Objects can be
> atomic or complex structures of atomic data elements."
> didn't help. Can we expand it to state what we typically expect to find
> there?

sorry i have missed you, but hope this helps.

i am not sure i exactly grasp your question about "I believe the intention is
that whole
schemas and schema fragments will typically be held, but not down to the
data element level (e.g. a quantity). "

I have had a look at the work RegRep are doing in  this area and my summary is:-

i quite like the RegReps view of the 4 layers (M0,M1,M2, M3), where..

M0 is the data instances (data element value)- (maybe these are 'objects'?)
M1 is the metadata model (down to data element data) - (maybe these are 'object
M2 is the metamodel (data about metadata models)
M3 is the meta-metamodel (data about modelling techniques)

RegRep propose the repository holds the M3 layer information and the registry
holds M1 level data for the meta-metamodels.

in this case wouldn't a repository object describe how to model data elements
but not necessarily holding schemas OR fragments OR elements?  what goes in
there depends on the individual use.

RegRep have developed a set of 'classifications' of the type of things you may
find in the repository


so... i think we do need a clearer definition

any volunteers?

> Clive Darling
> Business Development, TIE Holding NV
> Tel:  31-23 568 9999   Fax: 31-23 568 9998
> -----Original Message-----
> From: owner-ebxml-coord@lists.oasis-open.org
> [mailto:owner-ebxml-coord@lists.oasis-open.org]On Behalf Of Tim McGrath
> Sent: 18 June 2000 09:53
> To: ebxml-coord@lists.oasis-open.org
> Subject: Glossary update
> here is my first pass on this. mainly i took the Req. Document and some
> core component and TP&R notes to extend those of toufic.  some are just
> terms
> and need definitions
> i think this glossary already identifies some overlaps and opportunities
> for synchronising terms across documents and will be a useful aid in
> creating the big picture of ebXML.
> NB i tried to use word-edit tracking but it got very messy when i resorted
> alpabetically - so i decided to apply the changes anyway.  sorry it makes
> it harder to see the differences :-(
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tim mcgrath
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