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Subject: RE: Glossary for publication

-----Original Message-----
From:	Tim McGrath [SMTP:tmcgrath@tedis.com.au]
Sent:	Sunday, July 16, 2000 4:28 AM
To:	ebxml-coord@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject:	Glossary for publication

I have drafted up a copy of the Glossary for publication to the web site 

Can someone have a look over it for a sanity check and we can post it as 
soon as i
find out how to do it.  (maybe nagwa can get it on our page at least).
tim mcgrath
 << File: glossary.pdf >>

Tim et al:

Good job putting it together in the line-numbered PDF form.
The acronym list is a worthwhile addition.

I have attached several comments below, mostly of a nit-picking editorial 
nature. I think that we should try to get it posted ASAP, since the 
substantive comments are likely to come from the individual project teams.

Joe Baran



Under "Convertions", lines 31-35, it says:

"Each term is listed alphabetically in Bold italicised typeface, followed 
by a code indicating the team which has attempted a definition. For 
example... 32
term(TA) 34
A definition of the term. 35"

However, there is no place to look up the acronyms of the ebXML teams.

I suggest that the following entries be added to the list of acronyms:

TA	ebXML project team: Technical Architecture

BPM	ebXML project team: Business Process Methodology

TRP	ebXML project team: Transport, Routing, and Packaging

REQ	ebXML project team: Requirements

CC	ebXML project team: Core Components

R&R	ebXML project team: Registry and Repository

TCS	ebXML project team: Technical Coordination and Support

MEA	ebXML project team: Marketing, Awareness, and Education


In several places, "TPR" is used where it should be "TRP":

Table of Contents (4 hits), plus:
line 51
line 563
line 575
line 612


line 681: "ASC X12 SITG X12 Strategic Implementation Task Group"

This is a bit confusing.
There are lots of task groups within ASC X12 - is this one special to 
ebXML? I can't find it referenced anywhere else in the Glossary.

In any case, if it is, perhaps ASC X12 ought to be defined as well.

line 724:	IANA

is incorrectly defined as : "Internet Assigning Naming Authority"
Should be: "Internet Assigned Numbers Authority"
reference: http://www.iana.org

Lin 746:		POP

is defined as "People Oriented Presentation"

This may in fact be a usage of POP (I have never heard of it), but in the 
context of ebXML I would think that the more relevant acronym would be 
"Post Office Protocol". If that's not right, then where is POP used?

Usually the "Post Office Protocol" POP is quoted with the version, as in 
POP3, as defined in RFC-1939


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