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Subject: Re: FW: TRP Work Plan - Version 17 Aug 00

i agree this is a high standard and reflects the maturity (almost 9 months
since their first draft and through a PoC implementation) and the more
technical/tangible nature of the requirement.  i do not expect the other specs
to be this structured.

i will also try and have some comments at our teleconference of 29th. - it
would be good if we could deal with this then.

PS are they aware that they must submit to the steering committee with the
subject line "For review" ?

Joseph Baran wrote:

> To the Quality Review team:
> The TRP team has posted a detailed work plan as attached below. It clearly
> shows the expected time periods for our review cycles. The first document
> to come up will be the Messaging Service spec, which should hit us on Aug
> 28 if they stick to their schedule.
> In the interest of attempting to increase the probability of having an "OK"
> decision from our team (as opposed to having to send it back for revision),
> I will be reviewing it over the weekend and will post any potential issues
> I may find to the TRP list and to this list. For anyone else who wishes to
> help get a head start on reviewing it, the current version is attached to
> the message posted at:
> http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-transport/200008/msg00067.html
> I should also note that if we want to get any comments in _before_ it gets
> officially handed over to our team, there is a schedule for comment
> handling for this document posted at:
> http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-transport/200008/msg00174.html
> Basically, the above message says that they will have a conference call on
> Aug. 24 to accept/reject/table all comments received by midnight Aug. 21,
> with the intention of turning it over to us on the 28th.
> To Jim Hughes (and the TRP team):
> I can't say enough about how organized your team is. It certainly sets a
> high standard for the other teams to follow as they begin to produce
> specifications, but it also makes our job easier.
> Joe Baran
> -----Original Message-----
> From:   Jim Hughes [SMTP:jfh@fs.fujitsu.com]
> Sent:   Thursday, August 17, 2000 5:27 PM
> To:     ebxml transport
> Subject:        TRP Work Plan - Version 17 Aug 00
> Based on comments from the TRP meeting this morning and several email
> messages, here is a new cut of the plan.
> Significant changes:
> - added Service API to the plan. I believe the first version must be folded
> into the overall Messaging Services Spec within the month, and some amount
> of the Service API should be approved in Tokyo.
> - I have indicated where we should release the Messaging Spec, the Service
> API drafts and the Messaging Spec to the POC.
> Other notes:
> - as before, I've made some assumptions about the Security work, so I need
> confirmation of these dates...
> - I arbitrarily assigned major version numbers to the Messaging Services
> Spec (based on approval at plenary meetings) and showed how the subordinate
> specs are being folded into it.
> - I reduced the chart scope to just the Vancouver meeting so it prints
> better. We don't know what we're doing between Vancouver and Vienna just
> yet...!
> - 5 days is shown for Quality Team review, with two-week Member reviews
> immediately following. We may need some time inserted to react to Quality
> Team comments...
> And apologies to Rik/Chris, as they haven't yet approved/commented on the
> work plan. I trust they will concur in our planning work during their
> absence!
> Jim
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                       Name: TRPschedule.pdf
>    TRPschedule.pdf    Type: Portable Document Format (application/pdf)
>                   Encoding: base64

tim mcgrath
TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
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fn:tim mcgrath

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