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Subject: FW: TRP Work Plan - Version 17 Aug 00

To the Quality Review team:

The TRP team has posted a detailed work plan as attached below. It clearly 
shows the expected time periods for our review cycles. The first document 
to come up will be the Messaging Service spec, which should hit us on Aug 
28 if they stick to their schedule.

In the interest of attempting to increase the probability of having an "OK" 
decision from our team (as opposed to having to send it back for revision), 
I will be reviewing it over the weekend and will post any potential issues 
I may find to the TRP list and to this list. For anyone else who wishes to 
help get a head start on reviewing it, the current version is attached to 
the message posted at:


I should also note that if we want to get any comments in _before_ it gets 
officially handed over to our team, there is a schedule for comment 
handling for this document posted at:


Basically, the above message says that they will have a conference call on 
Aug. 24 to accept/reject/table all comments received by midnight Aug. 21, 
with the intention of turning it over to us on the 28th.

To Jim Hughes (and the TRP team):

I can't say enough about how organized your team is. It certainly sets a 
high standard for the other teams to follow as they begin to produce 
specifications, but it also makes our job easier.

Joe Baran

-----Original Message-----
From:	Jim Hughes [SMTP:jfh@fs.fujitsu.com]
Sent:	Thursday, August 17, 2000 5:27 PM
To:	ebxml transport
Subject:	TRP Work Plan - Version 17 Aug 00

Based on comments from the TRP meeting this morning and several email
messages, here is a new cut of the plan.

Significant changes:

- added Service API to the plan. I believe the first version must be folded 

into the overall Messaging Services Spec within the month, and some amount
of the Service API should be approved in Tokyo.

- I have indicated where we should release the Messaging Spec, the Service
API drafts and the Messaging Spec to the POC.

Other notes:

- as before, I've made some assumptions about the Security work, so I need
confirmation of these dates...

- I arbitrarily assigned major version numbers to the Messaging Services
Spec (based on approval at plenary meetings) and showed how the subordinate 

specs are being folded into it.

- I reduced the chart scope to just the Vancouver meeting so it prints
better. We don't know what we're doing between Vancouver and Vienna just

- 5 days is shown for Quality Team review, with two-week Member reviews
immediately following. We may need some time inserted to react to Quality
Team comments...

And apologies to Rik/Chris, as they haven't yet approved/commented on the
work plan. I trust they will concur in our planning work during their 



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