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Subject: next teleconference call time ... The Fixed Time World Clock

do we all agree this is the correct time for our next call..


3:00 pm on the 12th Sept PST
6:00 pm on the 12th in New York
Midnight on the 12th in Amsterdam
6:00 am on the 13th for Fremantle

tim mcgrath
TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142

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Time is fixed on Tuesday September 12, 2000 at 3:00.00 PM San Francisco time

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Addis Ababa+1:00 AMGeneva *+12:00 AMNew Orleans *5:00 PM
Adelaide+7:30 AMGuatemala4:00 PMNew York *6:00 PM
Aden+1:00 AMHalifax *7:00 PMOslo *+12:00 AM
Aklavik *4:00 PMHanoi+5:00 AMOttawa *6:00 PM
Algiers11:00 PMHarare+12:00 AMParis *+12:00 AM
Amman *+1:00 AMHavana *6:00 PMPerth+6:00 AM
Amsterdam *+12:00 AMHelsinki *+1:00 AMPhoenix3:00 PM
Anadyr *+11:00 AMHong Kong+6:00 AMPrague *+12:00 AM
Anchorage *2:00 PMHonolulu12:00 PMRangoon+4:30 AM
Ankara *+1:00 AMHouston *5:00 PMReykjavik10:00 PM
Antananarivo+1:00 AMIndianapolis5:00 PMRio de Janeiro7:00 PM
Asuncion6:00 PMIslamabad+3:00 AMRiyadh+1:00 AM
Athens *+1:00 AMIstanbul *+1:00 AMRome *+12:00 AM
Atlanta *6:00 PMJakarta+5:00 AMSt. John's *7:30 PM
Baghdad *+2:00 AMJerusalem *+1:00 AMSt. Paul *5:00 PM
Bangkok+5:00 AMJohannesburg+12:00 AMSan Francisco *3:00 PM
Barcelona *+12:00 AMKabul+2:30 AMSan Juan6:00 PM
Beijing+6:00 AMKamchatka *+11:00 AMSan Salvador4:00 PM
Beirut *+1:00 AMKathmandu+3:45 AMSantiago6:00 PM
Belgrade *+12:00 AMKhartoum+1:00 AMSanto Domingo6:00 PM
Berlin *+12:00 AMKingston5:00 PMSao Paulo7:00 PM
Bogota5:00 PMKiritimati+12:00 PMSeattle *3:00 PM
Boston *6:00 PMKuala Lumpur+6:00 AMSeoul+7:00 AM
Brasilia7:00 PMKuwait City+1:00 AMShanghai+6:00 AM
Brisbane+8:00 AMLa Paz6:00 PMSingapore+6:00 AM
Brussels *+12:00 AMLagos11:00 PMSofia *+1:00 AM
Bucharest *+1:00 AMLima5:00 PMStockholm *+12:00 AM
Budapest *+12:00 AMLisbon *11:00 PMSuva+10:00 AM
Buenos Aires7:00 PMLondon *11:00 PMSydney *+9:00 AM
Cairo *+1:00 AMLos Angeles *3:00 PMTaipei+6:00 AM
Calcutta+3:30 AMMadrid *+12:00 AMTallinn+12:00 AM
Canberra *+9:00 AMManagua4:00 PMTashkent+3:00 AM
Cape Town+12:00 AMManila+6:00 AMTegucigalpa4:00 PM
Caracas6:00 PMMelbourne *+9:00 AMTehran *+2:30 AM
Casablanca10:00 PMMexico City *5:00 PMTokyo+7:00 AM
Chatham Island+10:45 AMMinneapolis *5:00 PMToronto *6:00 PM
Chicago *5:00 PMMinsk *+1:00 AMVancouver *3:00 PM
Copenhagen *+12:00 AMMontevideo7:00 PMVienna *+12:00 AM
Darwin+7:30 AMMontgomery *5:00 PMVladivostok *+9:00 AM
Denver *4:00 PMMontreal *6:00 PMWarsaw *+12:00 AM
Detroit *6:00 PMMoscow *+2:00 AMWashington DC *6:00 PM
Dhaka+4:00 AMNairobi+1:00 AMWellington+10:00 AM
Dublin *11:00 PMMumbai+3:30 AMWinnipeg *5:00 PM
Edmonton *4:00 PMNassau *6:00 PMZagreb *+12:00 AM
Frankfurt(Ger) *+12:00 AMNew Delhi+3:30 AMZürich *+12:00 AM
Current UTC (or GMT)-time used: Tuesday September 12, 2000 at 10:00.00 PM
UTC is Coordinated Universal Time, GMT is Greenwich Mean Time


no sign before the time means the place is the same day as UTC, that is Tuesday September 12, 2000 (56 of places listed)
+ means the place is one day ahead of UTC, so + means Wednesday September 13, 2000 (79 of places listed)
* means the place is observing daylight saving time(DST) at the moment (70 of places listed).

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