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Subject: can't make today;s call

i just arrived at the Commerce One "elink" conference in Las Vegas where I'm
speaking this afternoon to learn that I'm now a session chairman so I won't
be able to make today;s conf call as I'd expected.

I think that Nagwa's summary of the TA spec was fair and kinder than I'd
have said -- I was going to make a strong pitch this afternoon that we send
it back but it looks like everyone has that opinion.

I sent mail to Simon Nicolson of marketing asking him why they hadn't talked
about UDDI at their recent meeting and he said that he heard from Jon Bosak
only after the event was over. I think this suggests that we need to draft a
position on this ourselves because I think it should have been obvious to
the marketing people that UDDI needed some attention.

I intend to make the steering committe conf call tomorrow am,.


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