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Subject: Re: BP_Deliverable for QRT review

The QR Team have agreed to comment on the document personally and informally (as
this is not part of the formal review of this document). We understand that at some
futue stage this document will be submitted for formal review and any comments made
at this stage may or may not form part of that review.

The comments will available at 08:00 PST on Monday 16th Oct.

I hope this is useful to you

"Paul R. Levine" wrote:

> Tim,
> a. As we discussed on the call, this is probably not a formal QR review, leading
> to a vote.  We have additional pieces to integate into it: core components and
> TPA, but not REA as stated on my message.  Bob Haugen corrected me my via email
> that REA had already been incorporated. It would not be appropriate to vote on
> this specification until it includes core components and TPA.
> b. The primary purpose for QR review now is to confirm this specification as a
> substantial baseline for the Tokyo PoC.
> Regards,
> Paul
> "Tim McGrath" <tmcgrath@tedis.com.au> on 10/10/2000 01:05:57 AM
> Please respond to tmcgrath@tedis.com.au
> To:   "Paul R. Levine" <plevine@telcordia.com>
> cc:    (bcc: Paul R. Levine/Telcordia)
> Subject:  Re: BP_Deliverable for QRT review
> before i forward this to QR i would like to clarify a few things...
> a. does this need to be a formal QR review?  as it only comprises a portion of
> the final document.  if we
> were to review sub-sections they would still require to go through 2 review
> cycles with the complete
> document.
> b. is the purpose to fast track a specification for the PoC?  in which case we
> would be happy to give
> input but i don't think this needs to use a formal QR review cycle. (i shall
> check this with the
> executive)
> I shall be attending the BP/CC teleconference this evening maybe we could
> discuss this after that meeting?
> Sorry for this hesitation but hopefully we can save everyone some time this way.
> "Paul R. Levine" wrote:
> > StC Members,
> >
> > Following up on the 9 Oct. BP PT conference call today, we are submitting the
> > attached Technical Specification of the ebXML Metamodel, entitled "Business
> > Process Project Team Technical Specification Document Draft Version 3.0:
> > Collaboration Modeling Metamodel & UML Profile" specification for Quality
> > Review.  I had previously forwarded this document through Klaus, but he
> reminded
> > me of the correct procedure to go through the StC.  This document is admitedly
> a
> > work in progress, but is the specification that was submitted by Edifecs to
> > ebXML and adopted by the Delivery Team, because of quality and completeness of
> > the work.  Work remaining on this specification is to enhance the modeling
> > metamodel to include explicit Resourcs, Events, Agents (REA),  core components
> > and TPA.  The reason this document is being submitted for Quality Review now
> is
> > the AIAG PoC proposal is based on this mature and stable metamodel and the
> > collaborative business patterns contained in it.  The second reason is that
> > Draft Version 2.0 of the BP PT Technical Specification Document has been
> > superceded by this document, and thus will be "decommissioned."
> >
> > My apologies to those who are receiving this for the nth time.  We're still
> > working on getting a clear path to BP and CC documents on the ebXML web site.
> > Also many people on the BP call today were in need quick delivery of the
> > document.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Paul Levine
> > BP PT co-lead
> > (See attached file: ebXML Collaboration Modeling Metamodel.doc)
> >
> >   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> >                                                     Name: ebXML Collaboration
> Modeling Metamodel.doc
> >    ebXML Collaboration Modeling Metamodel.doc       Type: Microsoft Word
> Document (application/msword)
> >                                                 Encoding: BASE64
> >                                              Description: Mac Word 3.0
> --
> regards
> tim mcgrath
> TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
> phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142

tim mcgrath
TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142

tel;cell:+61 (0)438352228
fn:tim mcgrath

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