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Subject: Re: TA agenda Tokyo

nagwa wrote:
> Duane,
> I also want to mention that the goal of their meeting is not only to discuss the
> comments from the QRT, it is also to get an agreement between all the project leads
> that this document is in-line with their specification. I suggest to include to the
> meeting agenda some time for each of the project team leaders to review their parts
> in the TA document.
> Nagwa


I think the correct correlation between TA and the other groups is that
the other groups efforts must facilitate the functionality specified by
the Architecture, otherwise all we have is a group of independent
projects which do not work together.  If the work they have done does
not enable the mechanistic functionality of a cohesive architecture,  it
is the groups work that must change, we cannot simply change the
Architecture document to reduce the overall functionality of ebXML.

That would not be acceptable to the world.

Having said that,  we also need to have the input from the teams for gap
analysis and overlap analysis (the latter being your groups' domain).

Many of the teams have already emailed us privately commenting that they
are very satisfied with the current document.  Others have comments
which need to be addressed and they will have an opportunity to talk to
us on the days following the QRT/TA Team meeting.  It is the QRT that is
giving us the most resistance right now so I feel that it is important
to get those issues resolved first, before we open up for further

Duane Nickull

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