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Subject: incorrect ebxml architecture in xml.com

After all the work we did this last week to review and revise the public
presentation of the ebXML architecture, I am a little dumbfounded to see on
the XML.ORG web site a new article that presents the old and now deprecated
one.  (UML to XML conversion as a component, etc).  

IBM may not be amused by this characterization of its motives in
participating in ebXML and UDDI:

So why was the UDDI initiative work launched at all? Mostly internal
time-to-market pressures on the three principals, who simply decided they
could not wait for ebXML to complete its work, but instead choose to rush to
market with a proprietary solution, and then use this work to drive the
direction of the ebXML and W3C standards work at a later point. 

Understanding ebXML, UDDI and XML/edi

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