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Subject: [Fwd: Please post! Not authorized to submit to elist: ebxml-coord]

david webber has asked me to relay his response to this thread...

tim mcgrath
TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142


Thanks, DW.

Message text written by INTERNET:ebxml-coord-help@lists.ebxml.org
>Message text written by "Glushko, Bob"
> =

After all the work we did this last week to review and revise the public
presentation of the ebXML architecture, I am a little dumbfounded to see =
the XML.ORG web site a new article that presents the old and now deprecat=
one.  (UML to XML conversion as a component, etc).  =



The article in question was written three weeks ago now for a WRMC
(Notice this was also BEFORE Bob Sutors excellent clarification note week=

before last).

Since all such materials that I have routinely get forwarded to Marketing=

Awareness, they (M&A) simply requested a copy and WRMC very kindly agreed=

to that.

If you REALLY want to see a dumb-founding article read the one that JP fr=
XMLSolutions put in XML Journal.   I suggest you yourself can now also pe=
an article, (perhaps with Bob Sutor?) as I am sure many authoritive
would be happy to have your combined insights.

Here's a <snip> of what JP put out - you may want to consider directly
responding to that:  ComparingebXMLandUDDI - Nov issue, XML Journal.

 "That said, this effort is clearly understaffed and the work completed t=
    seems to illustrate a rudimentary understanding of e-commerce without=

     having actually been part of a real solution." - JP

He also makes many error prone assertions relating to the architecture of=


At least I was being as factually accurate as possible at the time of
publication, and while comments on politics are where appropriate =

entirely the opinion of the author.

Thanks, DW.

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