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Subject: XML Schema or DTDs?

Please clarify a simple thing for me.  Is ebXML Specifying XML Schemas or
DTDs?  I have asked this question before and have never received a clear
answer.  Should this be consistent throughout ebXML?  Of the two teams that
I have monitored and contributed to, I note that Reg/Rep has defined DTDs
and TR&P has defined Schemas.  What about the other teams?

Ref: 0.98 TR&P Spec
Appendix A ebXML SOAP Extension Elements Schema
The following is the definition of the ebXML SOAP Header extension elements
as a schema that
conforms to [XMLSchema]. This schema is a normative definition of the ebXML
SOAP extension
elements. Section 8 details the normative specification for these elements.

Ref: 0.88 Registry Services Specification
Appendix A Schemas and DTD Definitions The following are definitions for the
various ebXML Message payloads described
in this document.
A.1 ebXMLError Message DTD
See [ERR] for ebXMLError Message DTD.
A.2 ebXML Registry DTD

Joel Munter
Intel / eArchitecture Solutions Lab
(480) 552-3076

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