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Subject: Re: ebXML Core Components Submission Version 1.02

The Quality Review team have completed their review of this set of
documents from the Core Components project team as submitted on March
23rd 2001.

We recommend that none of these documents go forward for their second
round of public review.

Our overall opinion is that the majority of this material requires
substantial improvement before it may be considered acceptable for
further public comment.

Our general assessment of the material that addresses the ebXML
requirements is that it is too immature to be considered a technical
specification.  Whilst there are many promising ideas and concepts
described, the documents do not present these in a consistent and
concrete way that would make it possible for their audience to use them.

Many of these issues were raised during the first review period.  Our
full report (attached) restates some of these with further examples.
Specific examples are also included as comments against each document.

We also attach a copy of a Traceability Matrix indicating how this
material aligns with the current ebXML Requirements document.

tim mcgrath
TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142


BP and CC 102 Requirements Traceability Matrix.xls

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